K9 Studio Photography

Fetching the Adventures of the modern pet and their families


Blanca {The Paws & Fangs Shelter Pup}

This cutie pie is Blanca {as snow white} is the long time resident of the Shelter, she is there to welcome all the kittens and cats that comes to be nursed back to health or just to be safe of the life on the street. Read more →


Gregorio {Yellow Eyes}

The amazing Cat is Gregorio, he was found in a town in Caracas, Venezuela called Sebucan, the good people at “Paws & Fangs Shelter” (aka Colmillos y Patas in Spanish} rescued him and took him to a veterinary clinic to do a surgery to his back legs/paws because they were fractured, the nice trauma vet put him on tutors but… Read more →