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One of the Black Pearls of “Colmillos & Patas Shelter” {Megan}

This black beauty is Megan her story about how she was rescued is inspired, Why? because it was a 14 year old protectionist girl who made it possible. Megan’s owner never spayed her and she was getting pregnant too often and the owners always kept throwing the kittens to the street instead of putting them for adoption. This 14 years… Read more →



Puppy Ollie came with his owner to help other puppies and kitties in need so we took the opportunity to get some portraits of this beautiful english cocker spaniel. Please enjoy some puppy would ya? Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone and don’t forget to join our adventures leaving us your e-mail and name in our little form on the side… Read more →



This sweet and beautiful husky-lab mix is Tawnie, I met her and her owners at Spirit Trail, West Vancouver while she waited for her turn to be part of the BCSPCA Dog-wash in the West Vancouver Branch to rise funds for the pets in need. So please, welcome Tawnie to our K9 Family and enjoy her awesome and beautiful self. Read more →


Sunday Shenanigans {CH}

Today Shenanigans is brought to you by wonderful and handsome Charlie, He’s a an English Sheppard and we met at West Vancouver BCSPCA on a Sunday of May 2 years ago. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Read more →